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About me

Caio ramos

"He is an artist committed to the art of Realism tattooing. His passion for tattooing and precise detail allows him to create unique and personalized designs. Each line is made with intention and purpose, with the utmost attention to detail. Caio understands that each tattoo is a reflection of the client's individuality and strives to ensure that each design is as unique as the person who wears it."

Caio Ramos Artist
Caio Ramos Artist


Tattoo fine line

Caio Ramos Artist

couple tattoo

Caio Ramos Artist

Floral tattoo

Caio Ramos Artist

butterfly cover

Caio Ramos Artist


Tattoo Micro realist

A chave para as tatuagens micro realistas é a capacidade do artista de criar contraste, sombra e detalhes em uma área tão pequena. É uma habilidade que requer muita experiência, paciência e um alto nível de precisão.

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